Streamium Developers: Many News Articles About Argentina and Bitcoin are …

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Argentina is often touted as a hub of Bitcoin adoption and innovation by those who wish to see the peer-to-peer digital cash system succeed; however, there does not seem to be much evidence to back up those claims. There have been plenty of articles written about the potential for bitcoin to takeover as a major currency and means of payment in Argentina, but the people on the ground there tell a different story. A short while ago, Streamium Developers Manuel Aráoz and Esteban Ordano were based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and they recently shared their views on the potential of Bitcoin in the South American country on an episode of Epicenter Bitcoin.

The News About Bitcoin in Argentina Has Been Totally Wrong

Certain media outlets, especially ones that are focused on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, have been known to publish less than accurate stories about this new financial technology on occasion. These stories often tout the success of Bitcoin in a country with a troubled economy or highly-inflationary currency, but Manuel Aráoz sees these

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