Study Reveals Dash Masternodes Yield 18% ROI

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Alongside its recent block size increase, the digital currency Dash and its Masternode system reveal the protocol is doing more than just governance features. According to a recent study, a Masternode holds similar value to a bond and has given those who operate a node a substantial annual return of investment.

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Dash Masternode Study Shows an Annual 18% ROI

Study The cryptocurrency Dash created by Evan Duffield was launched as Darkcoin on January 18, 2014. Since then the token with privacy-centric features and an x-11 algorithm has gained steam and has rebranded to Dash in 2015. Over the course of the currency’s life, it has seen quite a bit of development with features like Darksend, InstantX, and its Masternode network.

The implementation of the Masternode system has gained significant traction and media attention since it was first introduced. A full explanation of these types of nodes can be found here, and the site claims operators can earn $61 USD per month. Recently, a study has revealed that over a 16 month period, a Dash Masternode generates an 18% annual return giving the cryptocurrency’s leading supporters

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