SWIFT Reveals the Blockchain PoC, Denies It’s ‘a Legacy Incumbent Doomed by DLT’

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SWIFT, a user of a height that facilitates a tellurian interbanking complement has suggested a look during a initial blockchain offering, a proof-of-concept (PoC) discussed during its European Operations Forum in Berlin today.

As a bedrock of a world’s banking complement that uses a height for general interbanking messages, SWIFT has copiousness to remove if a much-heralded Fintech revolution, championed by blockchain technology, fulfills a guarantee in disrupting a normal financial services with cheaper, some-more effective and quicker operations.

Predictably, SWIFT has taken heed, as evidenced late final year, to investigate and rise solutions for a sustainability in a face of a bitcoin’s underlying innovation, by building a possess blockchain height for a member banks.


In quotes reported by Finextra, SWIFT Labs’ RD arch Damine Vanderveken stated:

SWIFT has been targeted in a press as a bequest obligatory that will be cursed by DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology or Blockchain tech). But we trust SWIFT can precedence a singular set of capabilities to broach a distrinctive DLT height offer for a community.


SWIFT has common detailed

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