Tau Chain and The Computational Paradigm

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Tau Chain is a peer-to-peer network that self-coordinates multi-party computation using decidable and undecidable logic. One of the developers behind Tau, who calls himself Hunter Miner Crafter explains that the protocol uses an entire readable language to create a unique network of systematic applications. The software uses ontological rules rather than different systems that operate with a turing complete dynamic. This language created could become a tool that ignites the flames of the Internet of Things (IoT) and can collaborate with multiple applications in this field.   

“It is much simpler to enumerate what existing systems/application tau can ‘not’ benefit!” — HMC, Tau Chain Developer

Live Bitcoin News chatted with HMC to discuss the Tau Chain project more in depth to gain some information on this very big project. HMC gives our readers a chance to understand the differences between turing complete applications and how their system changes the computational paradigm. The result of these ideas is a “Total Functional Programming Language”  and this team wants to show the world what they are creating.

Live Bitcoin News (LBN): What is Tau Chain exactly and what gave your team the idea to create this project?

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