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Teambrella Wants to Revolutionize Insurance Coverage With Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Payments

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Russian program architects and entrepreneurs Alex Paperno, Eugene Porubaev and Vlad Kravchuk devise to take a word association out of insurance. Their Teambrella, a Bitcoin-based peer-to-peer word platform, allows users to yield any other coverage for whatever they want, however they want, and though requiring any devoted intermediaries.


“Anyone who ever indispensable a payment knows that word companies are indeed not meddlesome in profitable out during all; it’s not in their advantage to assistance their customers. We intend to mislay that dispute of interest, and make word satisfactory and transparent.”

“Team Coverage”

So, what is Teambrella?

In essence, Teambrella is a height that allows people to form teams that offer any other coverage. If one chairman within that group requires reimbursement, a rest of a group chips in to yield it.

Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine, Paperno explained:

“As against to a standard insurance, Teambrella group members don’t compensate a set periodical fee, though instead deposition supports into a special Bitcoin wallet. As prolonged as there are sufficient supports in this wallet, that group member is insured. Or, if there’s ‘insufficient’ supports in a wallet for full coverage, a group member is simply partly insured.”

Each Teambrella Bitcoin wallet is related to a specific group member, but

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