Tech Interest Groups At Odds Over California Bitcoin Regulation


A bitcoin industry think tank continues to be at odds with digital advocacy groups over their stance on pending legislation in California that seeks to regulate digital currencies.

On Friday, Coin Center executive director Jerry Brito sought to distance his organization from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Copia Institute, which are opposing the law, AB-1326, on the grounds that it will harm innovation in current form. The bill, introduced in February, most recently passed the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee in July.

The EFF and Copia first made their opposition of the law clear shortly thereafter through a formal filing with the Senate Committee on Banking and Financial Institutions. Since then, the EFF has also gone public with its stance on the legislation, advising those concerned about the law to reach out directly to California officials.

Speaking to CoinDesk, Coin Center director of research Peter Van Valkenburgh elaborated on the budding debate between the groups, suggesting that while Coin Center supports the EFF’s efforts on a philosophical level, its opposition isn’t practical given the potential risks that would come should no law pass at all.

Van Valkenburgh said:

“They’re asking

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