Teller Bitcoin App Combines Remittance and Other Services For Developing Markets

The Philippines remain a key area for Bitcoin in terms of taking on the remittance market., one of the major Bitcoin services companies operating in this market, launched a mobile application called Teller.  In doing so, the company can now offer its services to Indonesia and Thailand as well.

Teller – A Peer-to-peer Approach to Bitcoin And its Use Teller

It is no secret that Bitcoin is a far superior way of transferring funds all across the world in terms of remittance.  Services such as Western Union are far too expensive for both the sender and the recipient, whereas Bitcoin transactions only invoke a minute transaction fee.   This had lead a “remittance arms race” to focus on countries such as the Philippines.

But remittance itself is not the only intended market for companies such as, who want to push Bitcoin adoption and usage to make it an integral part of everyday life. With its new application Teller, aims to link up customers across the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand through the blockchain in an effort to make financial services more accessible.

One of the use cases for the Teller application

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