The 12 Days of Bitcoin – Twelve Things We Can Be Thankful For

It’s the day before Christmas, and I’m in a good mood, listening to Christmas carols. “The 12 Days of Christmas” comes on, and I think it is time to apply this classic to my current state of holiday cheer. Aren’t there twelve things to appreciate when it comes to Bitcoin? Is this a writing challenge? Will this be an easy one to overcome? I’m very thankful that I’ve lost about 30 lbs this year, but we’ll keep this Bitcoin related, shall we? So, without further ado…. (I’ll refrain from sticking to the song’s lyrical format.)

12 Days of Bitcoin

First, I’m thankful for It is my favorite exchange, working quickly and securely. Haven’t had any issues with downtime or security breaches. My ID hasn’t been required, either, adding an element of freedom, and reducing the specter of identity theft, or privacy violations. And no, I’ve never met someone in person to exchange BTC. The website interface does this very well.

Next, how about a nice bounce-back year for Bitcoin values? Brings a hint of respect to the people in my life who know how passionate I am about it’s future ascendancy as a global currency.

Piggybacking on that, I’m also thankful that the price hasn’t spiked past $1000 USD in some new, artificial bubble. That would severely curtail my ability to acquire a significant Bitcoin stash, in the near-term.

I’m thankful that I can buy Bitcoin anywhere I might be, unlike many fiat currencies. If you wanted Australian dollars and were standing in Istanbul, you might have a long day ahead of you. Some currencies are better to love than others.

Why not be thankful that I am sharp enough to appreciate Bitcoin’s present and future market value? I know many, many people who aren’t. (I am disappointed that I didn’t hear of Bitcoin until 2013. My life would be pretty sweet if I had in 2010.)

No ID is required to create a Bitcoin account (except at some exchanges). Imagine having to go through a banks’ regulations every time you want to use Bitcoin’s blockchain, like Visa’s payment network, or just move BTC to a new wallet, for security or convenience?

Hey, why not be thankful that I didn’t grow up in the 60’s? They didn’t have the Internet, HDTV, or Naughty America, much less Bitcoin! The real “Dark Ages!”

bitcoinbitcoinShoutout to my Bitcoin mentor, my sensei, Andreas Antonopoulos. Probably 75% of what I know about Bitcoin I learned from him. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I hit his YouTube playlist or listen to my Skype interview of him last year, the highlight of my career. For educating tens of thousands of laymen in the art of Bitcoin, for all you do, this Bud’s for you! Tony Robbins has nothing on him. Arigato.

I can be thankful that there are still countries and places where things like Bitcoin regulations and AML/KYC are not applicable. If it gets too hot in Western civilization for you to love Bitcoin, freely, there are places you can go where we can be alone. At least, as alone as a publicly-visible online ledger will allow.

That the powers that be can’t shut down all modes of global communications, or all the Bitcoin nodes, is pretty sweet. The gene is too far out of the bottle. The Internet and Bitcoin will live on, no matter what. As long as we have those two things, things aren’t that bad, right?

(Two more left. Starting to strain……)

Ummm…..ok, I’m thankful for all the nameless, faceless miners and nodes. Many are thousands of miles away from me, but they’re working for fractions of BTC to get my transactions done and reconciled in ten minutes or so. Pretty good deal, and I haven’t needed to call a digital operator to complain in a couple of years.

Finally, I always am thankful for what’s left of my mental health. I could be crazy enough to think my social security, that I’ve been kicking in on for 25 years or so, will still be there for me in my old age. I’ll take Bitcoin in exchange for that pending empty promise. Looks like I won’t have a choice, but Bitcoin is a great corner to be painted into if you ask me. The future is pretty damn bright if you look at it in just the right way.

Happy Holidays to all you NewsBTC readers and Bitcoin lovers out there! Peace.

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