The 18 companies that control bitcoin in 2016

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swimmers freestyle china barcelona yang object 1500mAlexander Hassenstein/Getty ImagesThe competition is on.

Flashy startups like Coinbase, Circle, Blockchain, and BitPay are some of a many famous companies in bitcoin.

But arguably some-more critical are a miners — people and organisations who form a core fortitude of bitcoin, ensuring a digital currency’s integrity.

Bitcoin runs on a blockchain, a decentralised and open bill of each transaction done on a network. By charity estimate energy towards this, users get a possibility to win bitcoin — formulating an arms competition of miners scrambling to arrange ever-more worldly and absolute apparatus to “mine” new bitcoin.

This decentralisation has outrageous benefits, though also comes with new risks: Right now, if only a tip 3 organisations assimilated army they would control 51% of a network — giving them a energy to rewrite a blockchain as they see fit.

Some people go it alone; others join open “pools” where they mix their resources to urge their odds; some incomparable companies also have mining efforts.

While a #1 mark can change from week to week, we have ranked a biggest mining companies regulating information covering Jun 22-29, 2016, using information from bitcoin

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