The Bitcoin Group #91 – Barclays, Open Bazaar, Who is Satoshi and the Panama Papers

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Blake Anderson (,
Will Pangman (Airbitz),
Tone Vays (Brave New Coin)
Marshall Hayner (Trees)
and Thomas Hunt (


Barclays Is Getting Into Bitcoin With Goldman-Backed Circle (0:01:00 – 0:13:24)

Decentralized Bitcoin Market OpenBazaar is Now Live (0:13:29 – 0:31:34)

Craig Wright Reportedly Set To Prove He Is Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto (0:32:03 – 0:44:37)

MadBitcoins is Satoshi Nakamoto

Panama Papers Scandal Shows How Bitcoin Could Stop Corruption (0:44:37 – 1:07:14)

Panama Papers Scandal Shows How Bitcoin Could Stop Corruption

and Predictions!
Blake Anderson (1:07:14 – 1:07:38)
Marshall Hayner (1:07:38 – 1:11:10)
Tone Vays (1:11:10 – 1:22:15)
Will Pangman (1:22:15 – 1:24:11)
Thomas Hunt (1:24:11 – 1:25:02)

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