The British Royal Mint Will Launch Blockchain Gold Trading Platform

The Royal Mint, owned by Her Majesty’s Treasury, will soon begin a “digitized gold offering” made possible by blockchain technology, bitcoin’s underlying innovation.

Announced today, The Royal Mint revealed its partnership with CME Group, a derivatives marketplace to develop the digital gold product called Royal Mint Gold (RMG).

For a 100-year-old institution, the announcement represents a significant endorsement of the technology. “RMG will change the way traders and investors trade, execute and settle gold,” The Royal Mint stated. Initially, up to $ 1 billion worth of gold in RMG will be launched, the authority further revealed.

“The Royal Mint has a unique history and a trusted reputation earned over many centuries trading in gold but until now, there hasn’t been a way to digitally trade physical gold,” stated Vin Wijeratne, CFO at The Royal Mint, the sole licensed institution to issue coins in the UK which is now keeping up with the “game changer” that is blockchain.


The Royal Mint,

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