The Cobra-Bitcoin Mystery Needs To Be Solved

In a story we covered yesterday, it became apparent that Cobra-Bitcoin is for releasing newer versions of the Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin whitepaper. However, many people assumed Cobra is a member of the BlockStream development team. While that is hard to confirm or deny at this stage, it appears there are some blurry lines when it comes to this person’s identity.

Who Or What is Cobra-Bitcoin?

TheMerkle_Cobra-Bitcoin BTC

Interestingly enough, Gregory Maxwell mentioned how Cobra-Bitcoin Is a non-existing developer. That is a rather strange way to put things, considering his name is on the scaling Bitcoin roadmap. The same roadmap that Maxwell helped put together, along with other Bitcoin developers.

Putting the issue aside for a moment – after all, it’s hard to keep track of sock puppets these days – there are other theories as to who this mysterious person is. Cobra-Bitcoin is a co-owned of the domain. Unfortunately, the WHOIS records of the domain name won’t help us much in this regard, as they are protected by WhoisGuard. Rather strange, considering Bitcoin is all about transparency.

The other owner of is none other than Theymos, an individual who

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