The Darknet: Is a Government Destroying ‘the Wild West of a Internet?’

On Jul 15th in Pittsburgh, David J. Hickton, a gray-haired U.S. profession in a frail dim suit, stepped out before an American dwindle to announce a feds’ latest feat opposite online crime. “We have distant a cyber-hornet’s nest of rapist hackers, that was believed by many to be impenetrable,” he said. “We are in a routine of rounding adult and charging a hornets.” By a subsequent morning, some-more than 70 people opposite a universe had been charged, arrested or searched in what a Department of Justice called “the largest concurrent general law-enforcement bid ever destined during an online cybercriminal forum.”

After an 18-month general review led by a FBI, famous as Operation Shrouded Horizon, hackers on a site called Darkode were indicted of handle fraud, income laundering and conspiring to dedicate mechanism fraud. The route of crimes was massive, with one member compromising companies including Microsoft and Sony and another swiping information from some-more than 20 million victims. Hickton pronounced Darkode posed

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