The Digital Privacy War Hasn’t Stopped Tor From Wanting To Grow

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Tors new executive director Shari Steele wants to change the image of the anonymous browser, and make its hard to use technology more friendly for the user. When she took the job at Tor after 15 years at San Francisco based Electronic Frontier Foundation, Shari had something in common with most Internet users; she had never used the Tor browser before.

Tor still occupies a pretty small corner of the internet with around 2.5 million users logging into Tor daily to encrypt and mask their internet traffic. Browsers like Google Chrome shadow Tor with 3.5 billion search queries every day. Among the growing concern for digital privacy worldwide and in the US, Steele wants to use her experience building non-profit organizations, as opposed to her technical skills to more Tor out from the corners of the internet.



“When Coca-Cola hires a new CEO, it doesn’t matter ver much if they drink Coca-Cola,” she said. “My hiring was part of an effort not to be this little fringe software project.”

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