The First Bitcoin Voting Machine Is On Its Way

America’s voting machines are archaic and rundown, a recent study showed, and security experts have warned that voter machines are vulnerable to hacking.

Enter Blockchain Technologies Corp, a company that hopes to replace existing proprietary machines with secure, open-source voting machines that use the blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin.

A blockchain is a distributed ledger. Instead of one company being in charge of a central database, everyone who sets up a node on the network has a copy of it. Imagine a bank with a database of deposits and withdrawals. As a customer, you have to trust that the bank is tracking your funds correctly. Now imagine instead that a large network of customers is tracking all withdrawals and deposits, constantly verifying against each other’s records in order to maintain the integrity of the ledger. This is how the digital currency Bitcoin works.

Now, imagine that instead of withdrawals and deposits, it’s votes.

Advocates say blockchain-based elections are transparent and secure. They’ve been tested by the Liberal Alliance in Denmark and the European Pirate Party. And now, Blockchain Technologies Corp. is developing an actual voting machine that will record votes using a

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