The Government of Poland Discussed Bitcoin this Week – CCN

The Government of Poland Discussed Bitcoin this Week – CCN

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Earlier this week, the Polish government opened up the floor to bitcoin and blockchain issues, with an open meeting organized by a member of parliament that saw participation from the Polish Bitcoin Society.

In a first of its kind meeting this Monday, October 3rd, an open televised session organized by economist and member of parliament Mirosław Suchoń saw a discussion and lectures that saw bitcoin and blockchain under the spotlight.

Bitcoin Macro Silver

Bitcoin Macro Silver

The state of legislative regulation concerning companies in the bitcoin ecosystem in the country was among the main concerns bought forward by industry representatives. While the industry isn’t against regulation, the argument was for laws that wouldn’t stifle the innovation or those who were already invested in the ecosystem.

BitBay, a leading Poland-based bitcoin and altcoin exchange that participated in the meeting, revealed that the Polish government is -notably- interested in paying attention to and encouraging bitcoin- and blockchain-related endeavors in the country.

Speaking to CCN, BitBay CEO

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