The InfoSecond, Oct. 19–23: Bitcoin, Polymorphic Malware and More!

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This week’s edition of the InfoSecond features four stories: how banks are begin to invest in and experimenting wtih Bitcoin and blockchain technology, the utilization of a polymorphic approach for security purposes, what you need to know about the new EMV chip powered credit cards, and how you can create a culture of security in your organization by engaging employees with five easy tips.

In Case You Missed It

Banks, Bitcoin and Blockchain: After initially dismissing the technology, banks are finally experimenting and investing in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Learn how they’re doing it and what you information you should seek about your banks plans.

Polymorphic Malware and Defense: Security professionals are starting to mimic cybercriminals in utilizing polymorphic techniques for security purposes, identifying weaknesses and hardening them. Find out more about this moving target defense and how your organization can leverage solutions today.

EMV and Security: Wondering why your old credit cards have been replaced with newer ‘chip’ versions? It’s because these new EMV equipped credit cards are more secure, but there are some drawbacks you need to know about.

5 Tips for Engaging Employees around Security: Creating a culture of security is simply smart business. In order to get your employees engaged around security, check out these five helpful tips.

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