The IRS Must Adapt to Cryptocurrency Not Accuse Bitcoin Users of Tax Avoidance

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It was recently reported that a IRS filed a petition in US sovereign justice seeking full avowal of Coinbase’s American business annals over only dual purported cases of taxation deterrence by users of a bitcoin exchange. The summons came shortly after a Treasury Department’s examiner ubiquitous released a news chastising a IRS for not holding some-more assertive movement to quell “unlawful activities by those who use practical currencies.”

While there are still so many discrepancies about how best to brand Bitcoin and how cryptocurrency gains and waste should be available and filed during taxation time, some-more questions remain. How best can users follow such dull discipline but removing into trouble? What intensity resolution could support those who have acquired a estimable volume of Bitcoin and wish to forestall undergoing a taxation evasion?

We incited to an consultant in a margin with prolonged cryptocurrency knowledge and who’s association is operative on a resolution to get his take on a matter. Computer Engineer Perry Woodin is a CEO of Node40 – an incentivized infrastructure use that provides financial discernment for cryptocurrency consumers. He identifies a problems with a stream complement that led to users being investigated and poses a two-fold resolution to

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