The Lawfare Podcast: Nick Weaver on Why You Should Sell Your Bitcoin

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This week we have Nick Weaver on a show. Nick’s a regular Lawfare contributor, comparison staff researcher during a International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, California, and as you’ll see, utterly a Bitcoin skeptic. Nick walks Ben by what accurately Bitcoin is, responding either a height is unequivocally a financial event of historic proportions, a large rapist problem law coercion officials have suggested, or something else entirely: a waste of everyone’s time and money. He also outlines some of a pattern flaws he sees in Bitcoin and because those flaws, that many in a Bitcoin village perspective as critical features, will indeed lead to a platform’s contingent downfall.

It’s a contention of Ponzi schemes, a boundary of a blockchain, and a destiny of general banking transactions. 

And it’s a Lawfare Podcast Episode #152: Nick Weaver on Why You Should Sell Your Bitcoin. 

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