The Legal Marijuana Industry Needs Bitcoin Badly

The Legal Marijuana Industry Needs Bitcoin Badly

Legal marijuana has been having banner year after banner year since various states have legalized the sale and consumption of the plant and its derivatives starting back in 2012 within Colorado and Washington. It should be noted that the process of marijuana’s status as a demonized drug has been slipping for much longer than the past 4 years.

The first medical marijuana dispensary in the United States was in California back in 1996. As a business model, it’s hard to beat being a legal seller of pot, whether in a medical capacity or fully legalized manner. It’s common to see business owners and consultants cross-pollinating across state lines to be first in line to get licensed into new states as they pass legislation to legalize. But the green-rush to get into a successful marijuana business can be a headache because of some of the highly restrictive financial laws associated with running such an operation.

So, the question must be asked – is there a potential solution to this problem

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