The Non-Prescription Meds Industry Welcomes Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is expanding to a lot of sectors of the economic life and every day we see more and more companies willing to accept Bitcoin or using its technology. Now, it seems that the Non-Prescription Meds industry is turning its interest to digital currencies. While some online businesses are created because of Bitcoin, others just adapt to the new possibilities that digital currencies can offer, and Non-Prescription Meds industry is not an exception.

Yesterday a thread posted on Bitcointalk Forum by a representative of one of the oldest Canadian no prescription pharmacies online saying that the company was thinking in integration with cryptocurrency: In fact, they are already accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin as part of their primary test to check the market response:


I represent one of the oldest Canadian no prescription pharmacies online. We have 100s of shops under many domains and we deliver goods to customers since over 6 years. Currently, we are considering adding BTC as payment solution but we have to check markets response to that.

For the testing we have opened 2 shops on new domains:

Where you can use coupon code “bitcoin” to get 10% discount.

If you are interested to get drugs in future using BTC please

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