The Random Darknet Shopper Is Back Scouring the Deep Web

The Random Darknet Shopper is back! Random Darknet Shopper was an infamous shopping bot that scours the deep web and purchases merchandise at random. Developed by an art group known as !Mediengruppe Bitnik, the bot made its appearance in the deep web last year before running into trouble with the law enforcement authorities in Switzerland.

All purchases made by Random Darknet Shopper are made part of !Mediengruppe Bitnik’s exhibition. The articles that were on display last year at the exhibition held in Kunst Halle St. Gallen was composed of a variety of diverse merchandise including ecstasy pills and contraband cigarettes. While the exhibition received good reception, things didn’t go well either for the bot or its creators. The ‘Yellow Twitter’ ecstasy pills made of pure MDMA were confiscated by the St Gallen public prosecutor’s office along with the Random Darknet Shopper and other articles the bot bought on the deep web. The bot and its creators were threatened with prosecution. However, the public prosecutor’s office decided to drop charges and released the bot after keeping it for about 3 months in their custody.

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Now, the bot is back in business this year. It has been on its mission inside the deep web for a few weeks now. According to reports, the Random Darknet Shopper has already bought a handful of items which !Mediengruppe Bitnik is currently in possession of. Some of the articles bought by the shopping bot includes a fake Lacoste polo shirt for $34.00, a Bitcoin miner for $25.00 and a box of fireworks for $7.00. As the bot continues to run around the deep web looking for stuff to buy, a few more articles can be expected to be delivered to the artists before the exhibition ends.

Starting from Saturday, the articles bought by Random Darknet Shopper are being exhibited at the Horatio Junior Gallery in London. The exhibition will go on till February 15, with articles added to the list as and when it is delivered. Most of the articles are currently sourced from Alpha Bay, a deep web marketplace. Last year, the bot crawled through Agora, another deep web market place which is currently shut down to make the purchases.

The Random Darknet Shopper is allowed to spend up to $100 in bitcoins per week and whenever the bot visits the site, it will make a random purchase and gets it shipped to the gallery address where it is added into the list of exhibits. Let us hope that it doesn’t get its creators into trouble again this time by procuring substances that are considered to be illegal in nature.

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