The Status of a ‘Hong Kong Hard Fork’: An Update

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Last February, in a midst of Bitcoin’s long-lasting retard distance dispute, a organisation of Bitcoin Core developers, Bitcoin miners, and member from a Bitcoin attention met in Hong Kong. Sealing their position with a signed letter, a attendees concluded to run usually Bitcoin Core-compatible accord program for a “foreseeable future.” This avoided a intensity tough flare as due by Bitcoin Classic or Bitcoin Unlimited — during slightest temporarily.

On their possess behalf, a Bitcoin Core developers benefaction during a assembly — Cory Fields, Johnson Lau, Luke Dashjr, Matt Corallo, and Peter Todd — concluded to introduce a retard distance tough fork, with a deadline set 3 months after a recover of Segregated Witness. If supposed by other Bitcoin Core developers and a broader Bitcoin community, a offer could pave a approach to a retard distance extent increase.

After months of contrast and some delay, Bitcoin Core 0.13.1 became available to a open in a final week of October. With that, Segregated Witness was strictly released.

Per a strange agreement from February, this leaves a signatories to a agreement—who we’ll call a “Hong Kong developers”—with about 10 some-more weeks to introduce a tough fork.


A standard hard

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