The Story of the ‘Accidental’ $137K Bitcoin Payment Just Got Very Strange

There are bad days, and then there are days when you accidentally send $137,000 worth of bitcoin to somebody with no way to retrieve it.

This is apparently what happened to some unlucky person on Tuesday. A Twitter user spotted that somebody sent a bitcoin transaction amounting to roughly $5, but with a fee of 291.241 bitcoins, or $137,081.31, attached. This massive fee didn’t go to the intended recipient—they only got the fiver—but instead went to the person in the bitcoin network who processed the transaction.

According to the Twitter user, whomever sent this transaction likely meant to send the $137,000 to someone they knew, and just wanted to attach a $5 fee as a thank-you to the payment processor, but got it mixed up. Instead, they sent their pal enough change for a Starbucks coffee, and a bitcoin company enough cash to buy a new Maserati.

Since bitcoin wallet addresses are anonymous, it’s not apparent who sent or received the $5, but the big winner—the payment processor, or miner—was a company called BitClub Network. BitClub Network’s site says they run a mining pool in the Netherlands, which means that they enlist people all over the world to

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