The Story of a ‘Accidental’ $137K Bitcoin Payment Just Got Very Strange

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There are bad days, and afterwards there are days when we incidentally send $137,000 value of bitcoin to somebody with no approach to collect it.

This is apparently what happened to some detrimental chairman on Tuesday. A Twitter user spotted that somebody sent a bitcoin transaction amounting to roughly $5, though with a price of 291.241 bitcoins, or $137,081.31, attached. This large price didn’t go to a dictated recipient—they usually got a fiver—but instead went to a chairman in a bitcoin network who processed a transaction.

According to a Twitter user, whomever sent this transaction expected meant to send a $137,000 to someone they knew, and only wanted to insert a $5 price as a thank-you to a remuneration processor, though got it churned up. Instead, they sent their companion adequate change for a Starbucks coffee, and a bitcoin association adequate money to buy a new Maserati.

Since bitcoin wallet addresses are anonymous, it’s not apparent who sent or perceived a $5, though a large winner—the remuneration processor, or miner—was a association called BitClub Network. BitClub Network’s site says they run a mining pool in a Netherlands, that means that they enroll people all over a universe to

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