The University Connection – Bitcoin and Education

Question: How do you introduce people to something new and make sure they use it in the future?
Answer: Catch them young and give them a reason to use it.

Guess who got it right, Coinbase. The leading North American bitcoin wallet company with its base in San Francisco, California did it last year by introducing its wallet to students. Coinbase gave away free bitcoin to over 20,000 college students. All the students got $10 worth of bitcoin in their Coinbase wallet after they signed up on Coinbase platform.

In order to avail the offer, students were required to sign up using their .edu email ids on Coinbase. These .edu mail ids, assigned to students by their respective universities served as a method of confirming whether the registered user is a student for Coinbase.

There have been lot of developments since then. Various university campuses across the world have started accepting bitcoin payments, each one of them in different capacities. Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been at the forefront, both in terms of research and usage. MIT and MIT Media Lab has multiple bitcoin related projects underway. The Digital Currency Initiative started by MIT Media Lab says a

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