The University of Pittsburgh is now home to Ledger: the first Bitcoin-only …

The world of Bitcoin is an extremely broad realm filled with interests that intersect with mathematics, cryptography, engineering, computer programming, law, finance and economics. Any of these subjects alone could lead a doctoral thesis so it’s no surprise that eventually an academic journal would appear to cover the topic of Bitcoin. Today, the University of Pittsburgh announced the launch of the Ledger, an aptly named academic journal dedicated to all things cryptocurrency and blockchain related.

The name “Ledger” is an obvious reference to the Bitcoin blockchain, a peer-to-peer globally distributed ledger that contains every bitcoin transaction ever made.

Ledger is described as a peer-reviewed scholarly journal for full-length original research that will be published on a quarterly basis by the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh.

The journal will be open-access to all readers and does not charge a publication fee to authors. Like any good academic journal, the Ledger will employ a transparent peer-review process and encourages authors to digitally sign their manuscripts (meaning that cryptography will be at work to prove authorship). And most interesting: manuscripts will be timestamped in the Bitcoin blockchain.

As a first act, the editors of the Ledger have put out a call for papers to potential authors on the journal’s blog.

“This nascent field of research is highly interdisciplinary, sitting at the intersection of computer science, cryptography, economics, engineering, finance, law, mathematics, and politics,” the editors write in their blog post. ”Due to its novelty and wide-ranging nature, cryptocurrency studies have not sat comfortably in any traditional journal, and it is thus our aim to create the first purpose-built vehicle for the leading research in the field.”

The journal will provide a broad scope across the multitude of disciplines that

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