TheCryptoStore – Buy Anything In Bitcoin!

Thecryptostore is an e-commerce website where you can literally buy anything in bitcoin from groceries, to electronics and clothes. We got the chance to interview Jonathan Farah, the founder of theCryptostore, and asked him about theCryptostore and how it is different from other e-commerce websites.

 Tell us a bit about theCryptoStore?

Me and my co-founder thought about creating a place where everyone can go and buy anything from groceries, to shoes, a woman’s jacket….etc, because we realized that a lot of merchants were integrating bitcoin and starting to accept bitcoin, but the issue was that you go to a shoes store online, they would accept bitcoin, but if you want to get a pair of jeans as well, you would have to go to a different store. It is really difficult to find the items that you’re looking for and be able to purchase them with bitcoin. We wanted to solve this problem and theCryptostore was only created to solve it. There are big e-commerce websites that accept bitcoin including overstock and a lot of other smaller ones and the issue we had with that as bitcoin advocates, is that they don’t have the community aspect that the bitcoin world does

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