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Thecryptostore is an e-commerce website where we can literally buy anything in bitcoin from groceries, to wiring and clothes. We got a possibility to talk Jonathan Farah, a owner of theCryptostore, and asked him about theCryptostore and how it is opposite from other e-commerce websites.

 Tell us a bit about theCryptoStore?

Me and my co-founder suspicion about formulating a place where everybody can go and buy anything from groceries, to shoes, a woman’s jacket….etc, since we satisfied that a lot of merchants were integrating bitcoin and starting to accept bitcoin, though a emanate was that we go to a boots store online, they would accept bitcoin, though if we wish to get a span of jeans as well, we would have to go to a opposite store. It is unequivocally formidable to find a equipment that you’re looking for and be means to squeeze them with bitcoin. We wanted to solve this problem and theCryptostore was usually combined to solve it. There are large e-commerce websites that accept bitcoin including surplus and a lot of other smaller ones and a emanate we had with that as bitcoin advocates, is that they don’t have a village aspect that a bitcoin universe does

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