Things That Go Bump In The Night: IEX, Bitcoin, And The Smart Money

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The tellurian animal prefers to live in an unvaried environment. Fear of change is an instinct in each species. For good reason. The distinct cause about yesterday, in a universe outward civilization where in progressing millennia tellurian instinct was created, is that today’s creatures survived it. The intrinsic dignified is, make currently as most like yesterday as possible, tarry again. Repeat.

And this instinct, translated into a universe of finance, is a elemental reside of investment — a larger a doubt of a plan or investment, a larger contingency be a approaching payoff.

Financial innovation, when it becomes an critical cause in last a destiny financial landscape, fundamentally requires government of a normal tellurian hatred to change. But will a innovators comment for a hazard they present, and defuse a fear they inspire? Or will they instead see a fear they enthuse as reason to assume an adversarial posture?

As we watch a maturation story of dual developments in financial technology, a new sell record compared with IEX (Private) – a putative sell that seeks, by technological change, to calibrate a change between a interests of a buy side and a sell side of a marketplace for investments; and Bitcoin – a crypto-currency

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