This Bitcoin-Only Platform Reinvents Stock, Commodities & Forex Trading

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Whaleclub outlines a new epoch in tellurian financial markets as a trade height that allows anyone to trade a markets with bitcoin, but wanting to couple a bank account. Traders can go prolonged or brief on cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, indices, and bonds – regulating only bitcoin.


Our goal is to concede anyone, wherever they might be in a world, to use bitcoin to entrance and trade a tellurian markets,” Petar Zivkovski, Whaleclub’s arch handling officer, told CCN. “By consistent worldly engineering with an superb experience, we commission thousands of traders to entrance worldwide markets with bitcoin – totally outward a normal financial system.”

Digital Currency Yields Efficiencies



Based in Hong Kong, Whaleclub began with a thought that a digital banking powered trade height can work during reduction cost than normal systems. These cost assets can be upheld on to business in a form of low spreads and 0 execution fees.

“Traditional trade firms are tormented with deposition and withdrawal delays, extreme fees, and bad patron support,” Zivkovski stated. “By

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