This teen done $100000 in bitcoin and now he’s crowdfunding a VR headset

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His grandma gave him $1,000 when he was 13 years old, and he invested it in bitcoin. A year and a half later, he cashed out, concealment $100,000. At 15, he incited that into Botangle, an online education service.

Now that he’s 17, Erik Finman is jumping into a universe of practical reality.

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Finman launched his Indiegogo campaign Wednesday to assistance account Marvel, a VR headset that works with Android smartphones.

The Marvel

The Marvel isn’t accurately like other VR headsets on a marketplace — a aim isn’t simply to concede users to knowledge 360 VR content. The Marvel wants to reinstate your computer. 

After plugging in your Android phone, a headset shows we a applications we have open in a semi-circle around you, hovering over whatever credentials sourroundings we select to be in, either it’s a sandy beach or a a aspect of a moon. By branch your conduct left and right, we can demeanour during your opposite apps, simply changing your concentration between full-window web browsers, chats and more. For palliate of use, we can offshoot adult a keyboard and rodent around Bluetooth.

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