This teen made $100000 in bitcoin and now he’s crowdfunding a VR headset

His grandma gave him $1,000 when he was 13 years old, and he invested it in bitcoin. A year and a half later, he cashed out, netting $100,000. At 15, he turned that into Botangle, an online tutoring service.

Now that he’s 17, Erik Finman is jumping into the world of virtual reality.

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Finman launched his Indiegogo campaign Wednesday to help fund Marvel, a VR headset that works with Android smartphones.

The Marvel

The Marvel isn’t exactly like other VR headsets on the market — the aim isn’t simply to allow users to experience 360 VR content. The Marvel wants to replace your computer. 

After plugging in your Android phone, the headset shows you the applications you have open in a semi-circle around you, hovering over whatever background environment you choose to be in, whether it’s a sandy beach or the the surface of the moon. By turning your head left and right, you can look at your different apps, easily changing your focus between full-window web browsers, chats and more. For ease of use, you can hook up a keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth.

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