Thoughts on the Ulbricht matter, from a couple of days post-arrest


Tonight, I checked out‘s website. I heard about it a few days ago, but basically culls data from Reddit (via their publicly accessibly API’s) about your activity on that site. My highest rated submission brings up a point that I had honestly forgotten about until being refreshed, and I thought I should share it (again).

I don’t know when I made the post, except that it was a few days after Ulbricht’s arrest in 2013. If anyone out knows how to refine Reddit’s post submission dates, I would be interested to find out when exactly I wrote it.

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TL/DR: Contrary to “popular belief”, parallel construction was in no way needed to draw a line from Ross Ulbricht to the Silk Road. He did that himself, in such a blatant way that it’s not surprising

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