Tim Swanson of R3 CEV Publicly Thrashes Bitcoin Core Development

There is little to no love lost between the true Bitcoin believers and the R3 CEV consortium, as both parties will never see eye-to-eye on most aspects of digital currency. However, when the Director of Market Research of R3 CEV decides to openly criticize and attack the Bitcoin Core developers, things are on the verge of getting out of hand. Tim Swanson even referred to the Bitcoin codebase as a “legacy Rube Goldberg machine”, a comment that does not sit well with the Bitcoin community by any means. 

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Tim Swanson of R3 CEV Goes On the Offensive

It was only a matter of time until the most recent Bitcoin price spike started receiving some negative attention, and very few people will be surprised it comes from none other than R3 CEV. Although this consortium is seeing its fair share of attention thanks to the growing list of partners in the financial world, many digital currency enthusiasts oppose their ideas of creating permissioned private blockchains.

That being said, the current Bitcoin block size debate has been a significant source of a difference in opinions as well. With both

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