To Fork or Not to Fork: 24 Days To React

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The past few days in the world of dApps and Altcoins has been quite eventful, to say the least. An attacker found a bug or a loophole within the settings of the DAO contract managing to split and siphon 3.6 million Ether into a “child DAO” account. This action has shaken both investors of the DAO project and the Ethereum community itself. Now with only 24 days left until the contract releases the funds to the attacker people are trying to come up with the best plan of resistance.

A Fork Within Two Communities  

13510673_1714835848780756_421477984_nThe severity of the DAO attack has still yet to come to fruition as the attacker has not been able to attain the funds yet until the contract releases the Ether. To some in the Ethereum camp, this has hurt the protocols reputation in a number of ways and also leaves a person or a group of people with 3.6 million Ether that can be dumped on the market. As reported by Live Bitcoin News the Ethereum developer’s and its community are contemplating three scenarios to remedy the situation. One is to do nothing

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