Top 5 Companies That Accept Bitcoin As Payment Method

Top 5 Companies That Accept Bitcoin as Payment Method!

Since it’s release in 2009, Bitcoin has managed to gain a lot of popularity worldwide and even if 2015 is not a good year for it’s growth comparing with 2014, some big companies started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. There are a lot of risks accepting payments in Bitcoins because it’s volatility, but big companies may not be scared of since there are many advantages also. First, accepting Bitcoin means that you can do business with anyone without any kind of restrictions than this decision could be an inspired one for short and long term business. Being an adopter of an intriguing and expanding new technology can have unexpected results in the long run of a business if there is vision.

It may be possible that some of our readers already know this but we decided to make a top 5 companies worldwide which accept Bitcoin as a payment method.


WordPress adopted Bitcoin in late 2012 because other payment methods were not accessible from some countries, even Paypal, so adopting Bitcoin as payment method, solved these problems, and now anyone, no matter where they are, can buy WordPress services fast and safe without

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