Top Aberdeen Banker Fined For Selling Personal Details On The Dark Web

Aditya Rajiv (28), a former top banking consultant in Aberdeen, was fined £4,200 for selling the bank account numbers and sort codes of two persons on the dark web. The man was also charged with stealing around £7,500 from pensioners while working for the Royal Bank of Scotland in Aberdeen, however, Rajiv was completely cleared on that case.

Regarding his dark net ”business”, the former banker admitted selling the banking details of Lee Grant and Brian Cruden, however, due to a careless mistake, the information could not be used.

The law enforcement authorities have been informed about Rajiv’s dark web activity after the former banker sold the banking details of Brian Cruden and Lee Grant to a ”covert investigator” who then alerted police about the case. The man only received the equivalent of £50 in Bitcoins, the court heard. Sheriff Savage ordered Rajiv to pay the sum of £4,200 within 21 months.

According to court documents, Aditya Rajiv had entered the dark web as a “voyeur” and an “observer”. From defense, Andrew Ormiston, stated that Rajiv became interested in the secretive online community and the practices that went on there.

Regarding the case of Brian Cruden and Lee Grant, Ormiston said Rajiv had mixed up key parts of the two people’s information, making it worthless. If anyone tried to use the credentials, the law enforcement authorities would be immediately alerted. The defense lawyer added:

“But it was still information that was disclosed and caused undoubted stress to those involved.”

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