‘Tor and Bitcoin Hinder Anti-Piracy Efforts’

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euipoTo equivocate coercion efforts, bandit sites mostly go to extremes to censor themselves from rightsholders and authorities.

Increasingly, this also means that they use several encryption technologies to boost their resilience and anonymity.

Several of these techniques are highlighted in a new news published by a European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

The news gives a extended overview of a business models that are used to illegally feat egghead property. This includes websites dedicated to tawdry goods, though also online robbery hubs such as swell sites and file-hosting platforms.

EUIPO hopes that mapping out these business models will assistance to opposite a ongoing hazard they face.

“The investigate will yield extended bargain to policymakers, polite multitude and private businesses. At a same time, it will assistance to brand and improved know a operation of responses required to tackle a plea of vast scale online IPR infringements,” EUIPO notes.

According to a research, several infringing business models rest on encryption-based technologies. The Tor network and Bitcoin, for example, are regularly mentioned as partial of this “shadow landscape”.

“It some-more and some-more relies on new encrypted technologies like a TOR

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