Tor Releases another Snapshot on the Road to Major Onion Router Updates

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The Tor Project’s Nick Mathewson announced that on Nov. 8th, another release of an Alpha Development snapshot for Tor 0.2.9, The Onion Router, would be released.

Coming three weeks after Alpha, Tor . added a great number of bug fixes and overall improvements for issues that have been reported since its predecessors release by Tor’s development team. This release takes us one step closer to the grand release of the newest major updates of The Onion Router network:

We’re getting closer to stable, but we still need testing. Tor fixes numerous bugs discovered in the previous alpha version. We believe one of two probably remain, and we encourage everyone to test this release.

This is the fifth released snapshot of Tor 0.2.9, a series of developments that adds a multitude of changes including client performance and reliability, download scheduling fixing, and client directory scheduling changes. The hidden services, portability, single onion services, logging, as well as unit testing areas have all been upgraded for Tor Alpha. Also updated were GeoIP and GeoIP6; to Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.

The newest Alpha is available for download, across all platforms of course, as always. The development team asks users to

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