Trezor, We Have a Problem: Interview with Case Wallet Creator Melanie Shapiro

Getting started with Bitcoin is not the easiest thing to do. One of the things holding Bitcoin back is its highly technical nature. In a very convenient world, Bitcoin is not very convenient to use, yet. Things like Bitcoin storage and security are a major hindrance. There have been plenty of issues with websites that hold Bitcoin wallets being hacked, if that even is the case, costing countless users their bitcoins.

The hardware wallet is thought to be the next generation of Bitcoin security, taking the precious digital coins “off the grid” for superior security from non-secure computer systems. The Trezor is the early market leader in this field, costing US$119, and providing users a way to maximize security with a small module that can be attached to a computer through USB. I was interested in one since it seems very secure if nothing else.

The problem is Trezor is not a wallet. You cannot send bitcoins directly to your Trezor, so you still have to depend on the current crop of insecure web-based usage systems, like your computer, at least to some extent. It also could be much easier to use. So I backed off,

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