Trump’s Excellent Idea——Let Putin ‘Degrade And Destroy’ ISIS

By Ilana Mercer

Bless Donald Trump. Inadvertently, by just being Donald, Mr. Trump has delivered more good news to liberty lovers.

In his bid for the presidency, Mr. Trump is not only threatening the Republican establishment, but is forcing a war with the cable news channel that does the Republican regimists’ bidding.

The Fox News Channel backed Genghis Bush’s wars. The Powers That Be at FNC now wish to roger (Ailes) America, again, by delivering the country to neoconservative tool Marco Rubio, or to fool John Kasich (governor from Ohio), or to Ms. Fiorina, whom tacky media types call “Carly.” However, this little lady’s honeyed words conceal a burning desire to commit the country to an arms race with China and Russia.

Not for naught did Scott Walker go from 2 percent in the polls, to zero, to sayonara.  Walker, that live wire, picked up his marbles and went home, blaming Trump for making him sad.  But like the rest of the establishment’s candidates, Walker had served up the same sub-intelligent, hackneyed lies about the root-causes of the migration problem plaguing Europe.

Syrian, Iraqi and Libyan populations are on the move, the neoconservative posse preaches, because of a failure to remove Bashar Hafez al-Assad, a man who was the source of stability in Syria, much like Saddam Hussein was in Iraq.

Have we learned nothing about the perils of toppling law-and-order dictators, only to see the rise of barbarians worse than their predecessors? Evidently not.

Bar Rand Paul and, to a degree, Donald Trump, all the Republican candidates insist that American exceptionalism lies in leading the world not in technological innovation, comity, commerce and as exemplars of individual rights—but by projecting military power the world over. The US government’s bankruptcy, the candidates see as having no bearing on their own unanimous plans for an arms race with

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