Tutorial: How to Anonymously Check Your Tracking

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This is a tutorial for how to anonymously check your tracking on domestic or international drug packages using Russian-only Tor exit nodes and the parcel tracking website www.trackitonline.ru (hosted in Russia).

To give a primer why hiding your true IP address is important when querying a drug package tracking number, take this story as an example.

The drug importer in this article was arrested in 2015, with a key piece of evidence that helped the USPS investigators against him was because the drug importer had queried a drug package tracking number using his home IP address. There were a lot of other network security OpSec problems with this incident (like him sending package updates to his personal email address), but this individual could have protected by using the package tracking method outlined in this tutorial and also by using a burner (preferably Dark Net) email in this particular scenario.

The method works like this:

The Russian website www.trackitonline.ru (sorry, no https version) is hosted in Russia and can accept any domestic or international tracking number, and will query the respective parcel carriers (American USPS, etc) for their tracking information on this package. Therefore the parcel tracking requests that www.trackitonline.ru makes to the

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