Tutorial: How to Anonymously Check Your Tracking

This is a tutorial for how to anonymously check your tracking on domestic or international drug packages using Russian-only Tor exit nodes and the parcel tracking website www.trackitonline.ru (hosted in Russia).

To give a primer why hiding your true IP address is important when querying a drug package tracking number, take this story as an example.

The drug importer in this article was arrested in 2015, with a key piece of evidence that helped the USPS investigators against him was because the drug importer had queried a drug package tracking number using his home IP address. There were a lot of other network security OpSec problems with this incident (like him sending package updates to his personal email address), but this individual could have protected by using the package tracking method outlined in this tutorial and also by using a burner (preferably Dark Net) email in this particular scenario.

The method works like this:

The Russian website www.trackitonline.ru (sorry, no https version) is hosted in Russia and can accept any domestic or international tracking number, and will query the respective parcel carriers (American USPS, etc) for their tracking information on this package. Therefore the parcel tracking requests that www.trackitonline.ru makes to the USPS or other parcel carriers will appear that they came from the www.trackitonline.ru servers.




By modifying your Tor torrc file, you can force all of your Tor network traffic through Russian-only Tor exit nodes. Since www.trackitonline.ru is hosted in Russia at the time of writing this, your own request for a parcel tracking number would therefore come from a Russian IP address (the Russian Tor exit node) to another Russian IP address (the www.trackitonline.ru website), which would therefore make it very difficult for the NSA or other Western spying agencies to detect this with their traditional cable-tapping mass surveillance tactics.

In addition, the American USPS or other carrier would just see this as another parcel tracking request from www.trackitonline.ru, and according to the online metrics website, URL Metrics, trackitonline.ru receives 136,000 monthly visits at the time of writing this tutorial.


Therefore it seems it would be very uneconomical for the American USPS or other parcel carriers to profile only packages that were queried by www.trackitonline.ru. If only 10% of those 136,000 monthly visitors queried an American USPS package, this would be approximately 453 packages checked per day by trackitonline.ru in a 30 month day, or roughly 1 package queried every 3 minutes.

A straightforward guide how to modify your torrc file can be found here. (no https again, sorry).

This basically involves modifying your torrc file to include the following two lines:


A restart of the Tor process itself on Tails will be required, or a complete exit and starting of your Tor Browser on other Linux distros or Windows will be required for these changes to take effect.

On Tails, modify your torrc file with the command:

Then add the two “StrictNodes 1” and “ExitNodes {ru}” lines from above.

On Tails, the Tor process must then be completely restarted with the command:

On other Linux distros, where your Tor Browser was downloaded anywhere to your home folder, you can find your torrc file with the command:

Then edit the torrc file with either:


After restarting the Tor process on Tails or the Tor Browser on other Linux distros or on Windows, you can check that your Tor Browser is using a Russian-only exit node by visiting the following webpage in your Tor Browser, which will show the country of your IP address: https://www.astrill.com/what-is-my-ip-address.php This Astrill link works nice since it is one of the few pages that shows both your IP address and country, without bringing up a CloudFlare captcha when visited in Tor.


Unless you speak Russian, you will need to copy/paste the relevant parts of the tracking details into Google translate or another translator website that will convert Russian to English/your-language-of-choice. Google translate works without JavaScript and it is recommended to use Tor when doing this.


This tutorial was written to help keep Dark Net Market users secure while tracking their packages, whether for personal use or to resell.

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