UK Gov’t Report Backs Mass ‘Extra-Territorial’ Data Collection, Mentions Bitcoin, Ethereum & Maidsafe

Today, the UK government has published a report on digital privacy supporting the compulsory mass collection of data for both domestic and “extra-territorial” web traffic.

The government tasked David Anderson, an independent UK lawyer, to investigate how the country’s anti-terrorism and espionage laws work in practice and what needs to change. The report titled A Question of Trust supports the bulk collection of internet traffic and user data, including information held on servers outside of the UK.

An excerpt reads:

“Pending a longer-term and more satisfactory solution, the extraterritorial effect in DRIPA s4 should be maintained.”

The “extra-territorial effect” is later described as follows:

“In respect of interception warrants, under RIPA s11(4), any person is obliged to take steps to give effect to a warrant served on them whether or not the person is in the United Kingdom.”

David Anderson, an independent UK lawyer

Snoopers’ charter

The report acts as a green-light for the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act of 2014 (DRIPA2014), often dubbed the “Snoopers’ Charter.” 

The DRIPA 2014 bill has previously been blocked by the left-wing coalition partners in the last UK government. However, now with the 2015 election restoring a

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