UMBRA: The Ultimate Privacy Platform

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Disclaimer: Author is a long time ShadowCash community member and project supporter. I am an advocate of privacy and cyber-security and I am an investor in many cryptocurrencies. I personally hold SDC, the ShadowCash cryptocurrency, as I believe strongly in the project and its developers.

18 months ago DeepDotWeb published our article “ShadowCash Hits Zero-Knowledge Jackpot with Casino Style Anonymity.” Since then, a lot has happened around the project but most of all it has evolved into more than just a cryptocurrency.

UMBRA overview

The ShadowProject has recently released a new software called Umbra which, at the same time as being a regular wallet, is also a privacy platform. So in addition to the normal send receive coins function you would find in any wallet, there is a built-in ShadowChat system similar to Slack but is fully private with end-to-end encryption. The system doesn’t collect or store any meta data, which makes it one of the most secure private messenger platforms available today. More great features will be added to

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