Under Sustained Attack, Ethereum to Introduce Hard Forks

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Ethereum is still in trouble, the much-celebrated blockchain platform has been suffering from a sustained attack for weeks now. Under attack, the cryptocurrency based smart contracts platform is now looking at not one but two consecutive hard forks.

According to a recent announcement on Ethereum’s official blog, these “very crafty” attackers have been uncovering one vulnerability after another in Ethereum client implementations and protocol specifications to hinder the performance of the network. The attack has got the Ethereum developer community working overtime to patch the vulnerabilities. In Ethereum’s words, these patches have increased the overall resiliency in client implementations.

In spite of multiple patches, users are still facing difficulties with transactions and memory limitations. Ethereum has come up with a three-step solution to overcome the sustained attack. The strategy announced by the platform includes;

  1. Lowering the gaslimit by miners to 500K gas as a temporary measure.
  2. The first hard fork to “reprice” certain operations to match with the complexity of underlying computations.
  3. Another hard fork to rectify “state-bloat” resulting from the attack by removing empty accounts (accounts with no code, balance, storage, and nonce == 0).

The first among the two hard forks, EIP 150 version 1c was originally supposed to be implemented at block

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