Understanding The Importance Of Strategy In Everything We Do

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We’ve all heard the term, “Practice Makes Perfect”, but have you ever thought about the reason practice makes perfect? Believe it or not, the reason revolves around the idea of creating a strategy. When you start, you generally start with nothing. However, as you practice, you start to build a strategy around what you’re doing, making it more efficient. This is true in just about everything. From cooking to banking, investing, construction, and more, strategies are important. Today, we’ll talk about what a strategy is, why it’s important to have one in just about anything we do, and how to go about finding proven strategies, and tweaking them to work for you.

What Does The Word Strategy Really Mean?

According to Google, the word strategy is defined as follows…

“a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major overall aim.”

To break that down, a strategy is defined simply as a plan. It is a guide that helps to get people through some of the larger challenges in our life. In many cases, the guide is a step by step plan of how to act in certain scenarios. In cooking a

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