US Senator Pushes Bill to Outlaw Many Research Chemicals

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As early as  September, many research chemicals may become Schedule I drugs, bringing them from the legal gray area they currently reside in to an immediately illegal one. U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is urging Congress to pass the “Dangerous Synthetic Drug Control Act of 2016” and specifically calls out synthetic THC analogs and fentanyl-like research chemicals.

According to a Syracuse news outlet, Senator Schumer held a news conference on the steps of the county courthouse. With him were Police Chief Deputy Joseph Ciciarelli of the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office, Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, Onondaga County Health Department Commissioner Indu Gupta and others.


The U.S. Senator tells the press and public “These dangerous, often deadly substances, leave our emergency rooms in Syracuse and Upstate New York bulging with stupefied users with zombie-like symptoms and this will only continue if Congress doesn’t act quickly.”

In the Dangerous Synthetic Drug Control Act of 2016, mainly cannabinoids are mentioned. Opioids and psychedelecs too, but it’s clear what type of drug is being targeted the most.

The cannabinoids: JWH–251, JWH–073, JWH–302, 5F–APICA, 5F–PB–22, AB–PINACA,

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