US Voter Data Leaked To Dark Web By Hackers

According to, the personal information of 191 million voters of the United States has been exposed. Hackers are now posting data of voter millions on a ”well-known cybercrime forum” (Hell). The leaked info is not that sensitive by its nature, however, this act shows that every type of data could be interesting for hackers.

The leaked information includes the full name of the voters’, date of birth (DOB), the date they registered to vote, addresses, local school districts, and other data. Previous elections and political affiliations are also included in the pack.

It still remains a question where the data has been stolen. According to news site CSO Online, on December 28, 2015, a database configuration issue had left 191 million voter records exposed to hackers. That data was discovered by security researcher Christopher Vickery, who found his own personal information within the dump. says that depending on the state of information, it could be quite useful if hackers can obtain more info about the victims. Also, most of the data comes from Ohio since that was the state where the information has been kept. The tech blog also warns the government that they need to be more careful with the security of their voters’ details.

A security researcher who knows the dark web pretty well says that the data could be used for“mostly phishing and also the capacity for vengeful kids to dox people.”

Motherboard made this statement on their blog about the use of the voters’ info:

”Using the information available, a hacker could pose as a trusted source to convince a target to hand over more sensitive data such as banking details in a phishing attack. Alternatively, it would be trivial for a someone armed with a name and address to then look up phone numbers, email addresses, or social media profiles to dump more identifying information on someone (“dox” them).”

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