Using Bitcoin Casinos To Launder Bitcoin

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There are a lot of different ways bitcoin can be used to facilitate illegal activities. One of which is using it as the currency of a darknet market, like the infamous Silk Road. While there has been a crackdown on darknet markets, it hasn’t had any real impact. To see this in action, you can go to the darknet markets subreddit where you’ll find a thriving community that almost 100k people have subscribed to.

On the the aforementioned subreddit, you will find everything you’d expect from a normal subreddit like healthy and constructive discussion. Bailey Jay, paranoia-fueled rants (those who make these are often called within the community a “bartard” ), vendor reviews and complaints, market announcements which may or may not end in an exit scam, FUD, relevant news and PSAs, and so on.

It must be noted that you can find these kinds of discussions on the forums as well – the only difference being that you don’t need JavaScript enabled to join in.

With darknet markets increasingly growing in popularity, it is safe to say that the vendors on these markets are raking in a considerable amount of bitcoin. To cash out securely, they can launder their

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