Utah Kick-Starts Online Voting on Blockchain Trend

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There have been talks about the use of blockchain technology in online voting for a long time. Until now, it was either theoretical or experimental. But now, it is going to be a reality soon. Sooner than expected to be precise. The first ever online blockchain based voting in the United States is happening today.

The State of Utah will be the first state to use the blockchain technology to nominate a Republican candidate for the United States presidential elections. The Republican voters in Utah do not have to visit the polling booth to vote for the Presidential candidate. They can just sit in front of their PC at home or from wherever they are to vote online. This voting option is open for both kinds of voters – The ones who are in the state and those who are currently outside the State of Utah, whether within the United States or outside, doesn’t matter.

The voting process put in place by Smartmatic is simple. In order to do so, they just have to visit the Utah State Republican party website and register themselves. Once their party membership is confirmed, a unique cryptographic key will be sent to them. The

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