Valyrian Tech Presents The Bitcoin Spellbook Project

Valyrian Tech, a Bitcoin venture, announced the beta release of “The Bitcoin Spellbook” an open source set of tools designed to interact with Bitcoin’s Blockchain. Wouter Glorieux a 33-year-old programmer and creator of the Valyrian Tech project stated that his main goal is to create software that lets any group of individuals to form a decentralized company, where profits are shared fairly based on each one’s contribution.  

Wouter Glorieux is a 33-year-old programmer, with a bachelor’s degree in applied informatics, 8 years of experience as a System’s Administrador, and development experience of Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Glorieux has been obsessed with Bitcoin since 2011, he is one of the members of the Ghent Bitcoin City Project, where he has been doing work as a Bitcoin evangelist, convincing merchants to accept Bitcoin as a payment option.

Glorieux main goal is to figure out new and unexpected ways to use Bitcoin’s technology, The Bitcoin Spellbook is a set of tools that uses Bitcoin’s blockchain as it is, using standard features that increase the library’s compatibility (covering most wallet solutions). The Bitcoin Spellbook (codename Project Meraxes) is a collection of Bitcoin APIs and webservices, they are the core tools that Glorieux

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