ViaBTC Receives Mysterious 210 Bitcoin Deposit To Cloud Mining Address

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Ever given ViaBTC announced their cloud mining plans, a Bitcoin village has been on high alert. Albeit there is zero wrong with what a pool offers, people have been delicately monitoring their wallet addresses. One sold send stands out, as 210 BTC was deposited into a wallet. A vital customer for their cloud mining business or self-funding to spike a numbers?

It is not odd for Bitcoin companies to understanding with vast deposits. Even cloud mining companies infrequently attract outrageous clients who spend a lot of income on a service. A 210 Bitcoin transaction, value roughly US$154,000, was sent to ViaBTC’s cloud mining remuneration address. This took a lot of people by surprise, as it is misleading who is creation such a vast investment.

A Mystery Deposit For ViaBTC Raises A Lot of Questions

Leave it to a Sherlock Holmes of Reddit to figure out what is going on. One user pointed out how this supports is clearly eliminated from a wallet that has not spent supports given 2012. A rather bizarre spin of events, nonetheless this seems to prove a income belongs to a semi-early Bitcoin adopter.

Some people immediately insincere this supports belongs

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